The Coconut Oil Is Good for Our Body

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Oct 17, 2015 3:03 am

Coconut is not only a good fruit, it also has high oil content, belongs to high oil plant, so it adopts secondary pressing process. Because of the great value of coconut oil, the relevant oil press machine is also sells hot. Through the feeding pit, coconuts from the belt type bucket elevator into the crusher and become a centimeter or small pieces. Through the bucket elevator, these pieces will into the cooker to do tempering. And then, into the oil press machinery to press it and cakes through special conveyor and bucket elevator into the sub-feed conveyor, to do secondary pressing in the oil press machinery. The first and secondary pressing oil will through oil residue scraper into the oil storage box. And then be pumped into the vertical leaf filter, after being filtered, into the clear oil tank. The pressing cakes are delivered to the meal storehouse through conveyor and bucket elevator.

Any interests or more information about the oil processing machine or coconut oil pls contact us freely, or you can send email to me then I will reply you with details as soon as possible.

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