The V Belt China must be protected from oil

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Jan 12, 2017 9:41 pm

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Corn Conveyor [url=]V Belt[/url] China Maintenance and Maintenance

1. In use must always maintain the normal V Belt China tension. V Belt China too loose or too tight will shorten the service life. V Belt China too loose will produce slipping, so that the loss of performance agencies; V Belt China too tight bearings will wear too much, increase power consumption, and even the axis of bending.

2. The V Belt China must be protected from oil.

3. Mechanical damage to the V Belt China must be prevented. When the V Belt China is hung or unloaded, the tension wheel must be released. If the V Belt China is not good, remove the V Belt China pulley and put it on the V Belt China. The pulley groove of the same circuit should be in the same rotation plane.

4. Pulleys with a notch or deformation should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. The same loop with two or three V Belt Chinas, the length should be consistent.

Conveyor system encountered one of the following two situations, must be multi-drum drive.

First, the single-drum drive, the two drive unit power exceeds the maximum power of the motor products;

Second, the use of single-drum drive, the V Belt China strength is too high. To reduce the cost of transportation systems, multi-drum drive should be used.

Multi-drum drive first encountered the problem is the circumferential force (power) distribution, and then only the conditions for [url=]Gurinai[/url] China tension calculation and equipment, V Belt China selection.