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Feb 26, 2006 12:36 pm

I have been actively looking to start a career as a financial advisor. I have done extensive research on just about every firm out there and feel that EDJ offers the best platform for someone wanting to start from scratch. A little about my current situation: 33 years old, currently have Series 7,63,9,10(Worked @ SCH before the big downsize) Married + 2 Kids However, my current income would be equivallent to the Average first year rep @ EDJ + wife works(not a lot$ but it helps) + we have some cash reserve(20-25k if we need it) The little voice tells me that I should take the chance before it's to late and I regret it.  Should I listen to the little voice?

Thanks in advance,


Feb 26, 2006 1:36 pm

Go for it. Your research is right on target. You will get more help & training at Jones than probably any other firm.

Jones is like any other company, they have some "company clones", they have some producers who are just a "salesman" and the majority of their people are good, honest people who are trying to do what's right for the client & make a living.

The weakness at Jones is that they do not have an ongoing education process to expand your knowledge about investing. Once you learn how to sell, they are happy. So it's up to you to seek out the brokers in your area who are knowlegeable about investing & learn from them or read & learn it on your own.

The 1st step, at any firm is being able to sell.

The 2nd step is making good investment choices for your clients, so that they will be happy & will invest with you again & send you referrals.

You have to learn to walk, before you run...with the big dogs. 

If you make it 5 years in the business, you will be well on your way to a career. Somewhere after 5 years (depending on production & assets) you will have choices available to you that are not appropriate for a new person. It's those choices that are discussed on this forum. Change is coming at Edward Jones. I believe that 5 years from now Jones will be different and probably better. If not, you will be an established advisor, with a track record. You will be heavily recruited and have many choices.

Either way, Jones is a very good choice for your 1st step. Good luck.


Feb 26, 2006 5:44 pm

I agree with what has been said. Just realize that this is a very difficult business and if you're starting from scratch, the odds are against you. sorry, sad, but true.