2007runescapegold transfer runescape gold from your mule to your main account

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Nov 25, 2016 2:45 am

2007runescapegold really curious as to how you can run multiple bots on one computer. If someone has an answer to this let me know. Truthfully I just want to know how this is working, because the bits I have seen take over the mouse and use the coordinates on the screen. 

I'm pretty sure you're wrong. I have been banned on 12 different accounts for botting. You just have to know the right times to do it at and how to go about it. When you start doing it you will get banned after a couple of days of using the account, I hhave an account that has been botting fishing for a month and it still not banned.

Could it have something to do with the fishing script? Maybe they have really hard time finding differences when looking at legit and non-legit fishers? Honest questions.

no rs gold farmers just bot like that, they use a vpn, or proxy, so if they do get banned from that specific i.p. from the vpn/proxy, nothing happens to their mule, so it avoids getting them chain banned.

They IP ban lol, they will clear out an entire list of accounts on an IP. I had 7 bots running on my IP and all of them got banned along with my non-botting brothers main lol.

wouldnt hurt to. But the only real time u need to change ur IP is when u transfer runescape gold from your mule to your main account. or during selling it This is the ONLY time your IP gets banned. If you are just botting Only the account gets banned