Cloud storage and sharing files solutions

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Oct 10, 2016 2:48 pm

I am researching cloud storage solutions for my boss who recently established a new RIA and currently has a few (under 10) clients. She uses eMoney for financial planning software, and that service has file storage and "vault" for clients and advisers to use. She also signed up for a "team" plan.

Which cloud storage services do you all use and like, and why? How do you pass private files back and forth with clients? We are looking for a secure but easy way to do that, including with some clients who are not too technologically savvy. We also probably need online collaboration, mostly between us two, but possibly with other people in the future as well, including clients and other employees.

ShareFile offers 2-factor authentication and encryption, but no encrypted email at our level of service. They also do not offer online collaboration, where 2+ users can all look and edit the same file at the same time, and see each other's edits in real time, sort of like Google Drive does (l use it in my other job and love it for that).

I personally also use in my private life, mostly for their generous 50 GB of free storage, but they also sell their service on security and encryption, so I wonder if THAT is a good option for financial advisors.

Compliance-wise, what do we need to look for? Does it matter which countries their servers are in? Mega, for example, is a New Zealand based company, as you can see from the URL. Do US regulators care?