What Should We Do When the Flour Milling Machine Broken Down

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Sep 10, 2015 3:20 am

It is common that the flour milling machine out of work when we use it, and we have to stop the flour milling machine's work and need to have struggled to repair it, all of this not only makes us inconvenient, but also decreased our working efficiency. After you read this passage may be you will not feel brother any more, it will give us the solution to flour milling machine's broken down.

Whenever we amend any machinery or equipment, it is very important to ensure our safety, so is the flour milling machine, in the course of its using, it will inevitably be due to some of the reasons causing some trouble. In the process of flour milling machine’s operation, the common problems may be the power less or no power, at this situation, the reason may be its screen is blocked, flour can not be screen out. The solution is very simple, only need to remove screen after the machine stop.

If the flour milling machine can work normally, but its output is much less than before, this situation is mainly due to wear of gears is too big, or the gap between the roller. For this reason, we can press the spring to ensure that gap between the two sides of rollers, or drawing. I hope this article will give you some direction to help you, and if you have others good ideas for solving the flour milling machine's broken down, I am glad to have your sharing.

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