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Jul 13, 2017 10:03 am

New discussion to stay motivated, that is all. Feel free to join in. My goal is $5mm in NNM by December

Weekly stats so far...

Dials: 500

Contacts: 37

Leads: 1

Meetings: 1 today with previous prospect from cold call from a year ago. He's got $250k trying to close it today.

Summer is a rough time to be dialing....woof.


Jul 14, 2017 4:47 pm

Week Stats:

Dials: 650

Contacts: 45

Leads: 1

Meetings: 2, signed paperwork for $450k and $330k

NNM: 780k

Ready for next week!


Aug 3, 2017 2:36 pm

Hey Bullish,

Why did you stop posting? I have tried starting a bunch of conversations on here and felt like no-one was still using the site. I saw some of your earlier posts and wanted to know if the revenue cycle is so long, how did you get past your hurdles in the beginning?


Aug 22, 2017 11:04 am

darngoner -

Updates: August is a rough month for dials but I still try for at least 150 a day. I spend alot of the time dripping on leads I have in my pipeline. From 8:30am to 10am I'll call leads and then follow up with an email to let them know I called them, and include the latest research report. This gives me something to call them back next week on. Then 10-12 cold calls, back at it 1-3pm, 4-5pm.

Last week stats:

Calls: 250...low I know

Contacts: 25

Prospects: 0

Follow ups/meetings set: 2

To answer your questions....lead time depends. I've called some one who has said "Oh, I was just talking to my spouse about it this morning..." Usually those close quick, but I have had people I meet with that week and it takes a year. My process for calling is much different than most as well. I don't use rebuttals or presuasion. I am searching for the guy with the interest and money. I can usually tell right away if the person is interested but has no $$$ so I politely get their info and cross them off the list. Qualifying questions are the most important when dialing, not rebuttals.


Aug 23, 2017 12:43 pm

How did you begin your cold calling? Did you purchase a DNC list?

Aug 24, 2017 1:37 pm

bronte -

In the beginning I got a local library card and used the electronic resources there to find businesses owners in the area and made a list of them. It was cost efficient and allowed my to get comfortable on the phone. Then I switched to lawyers, real estate agents...all their info is available for free. Now I buy corporate directories. Expensive, but effective. I know where the company is, who runs their 401k, ESOP, RSU's. Once you get a client or two from the company you can really use them at your referral source.


Aug 25, 2017 3:35 pm is an awesome resource for new and rookie FA's. also great is