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Mar 8, 2012 7:30 pm


I classify my "leads":

Call backs - people that request a call back

Leads - want more info and give me email

Prospects - have IMMEDIATE interest.

Call backs get scheduled for requested time same day.  Leads hit an email drip list (after I send out an intro email SAME DAY).  Prospects get intro email and get a follow up call 3-5 days later or as requested. 

WOrk hard, but work SMART first.[/quote]

* You're waiting 3-5 days to followup on a prospect that has an 'IMMEDIATE' interest?

* You're putting 'leads' that requested or agreed to accept more information into a drip list rather than following up 3-5 days later and attempt a close and/or appointment?

Mar 15, 2012 10:51 pm

Big week, good calls, really plugging away…..starting to get back to that “it’s all going to work out” feeling.

I tell ya….it’s uphill, lots of crap….but it works. Did one deal and got 300K from a guy I’d met with and chose to go ahead. Brings me to 2.2M and still got 7.8M to do by June 22nd. I really don’t know… a decent amount of good one’s in the oven……if they go…great….if not..still able to pick up the phone to find more.


The crap I got to deal with in the office with some losers…..just taps a guys energy. I really don/t care……I really hate them….smug faces…..empty gas tanks, know it all, always got a angle on cold calling…yet…don’t do it……anyways   all that matters is to get that 10M done by end of June….seriously…..I’m tapped……tomorrow, hiding in paperwork and planning….Monday…..Monday….dropping a nasty hammer on cold’s and call backs….I’m going to 10m… it or not……the dials will carry me to the meetings…from there…..I’m fine……just more  dials…..

All The Way

Mar 16, 2012 11:51 pm

Just read this entire thread.... ATW you definitely give me some motivation to kick my butt into gear!  Been in the biz 9 yrs now and reading your posts just reinforces the activities I know but haven't been practicing enough.  Going to implement my own blitz to get a jump start and looking forward to reading about your progress.  You'll hit that bogey, no doubt!  Keep pounding those phones.  Good luck!

Mar 17, 2012 8:33 am


Good for you......nothing like a bit of positive energy to get things going.....keep us posted......had a good week, and this week coming up. lots of calls to get more meetings...going to keep plugging away till end of June.......I'll make it...

All The Way

Mar 21, 2012 1:46 pm

ATW, you get it. Keep pushing the rock uphill, if you do it right, once will be enough.

I especially enjoy reading your posts as your mood moves up and down the scale. Like getting knocked down by a wave and popping right back up and going for it with the I will not be denied attitude. That is what it takes. Motivating!!! Good stuff!!!!!

Mar 21, 2012 7:41 pm

You know what Bond Guy…’re the real thing. Read a few of your post…..some guys giving it large at you…… about how cold calling don’t work…bla,bla…….work the golf, charity circuit and there you are….still sticking to your beliefs.

 On top of the fact, you take the time to check in with the rookies who are out there day in and day out fielding the boomerangs and building a profitable business on the phone. Really…hat’s off to you mate and thanks for taking the time to always, post something encouraging and positive……if only…there were more influences similar to yours not only in forum, but in general.

 It’s hell building on the phone…not actually doing the phone calls, it’s that waste of energy building up to getting going. Anyways…….not complaining, off to a decent start…..but truth is…looking at the gap to fill between now and June…..puta madre……que mierda……….I keep hearing that old song from who knows who….”Baby….you’re out of time”.


So I guess I battle my demons and stick to the plan.


All The Way

Mar 21, 2012 8:28 pm

Keep rocking it all the way. You and me we are gonna make it. I started cold calling church directories today without using the dnc and my contact ratio went up a million times and people were friendly too. Just gotta keep finding new people to call. That’s half the battle

Mar 30, 2012 6:33 pm

Well...punching 'em tickets pretty good. Got 650 more in the book, brings it to a good ride going......will be hammering hard next week, pipeline is strong, working on converting,,,,should be a great couple of months.....

All The Way

Mar 31, 2012 2:46 pm


It’s crazy how things develop. I had a solid week numbers wise. Never made less than 300 calls, conducted 4 prospect discovery meetings with the typical “oh-that sounds great” attitude from the clients but by Friday I’d only brought in one account this week and it was sub par. So I say to myself, those weeks happen. Move on… Haha, then I left the office last night and met up with a client for drinks and just so happened to walk into a colleague of her’s who was having a retirement party. Long story short, my client ends up selling my services to her friend, she pulls out her I phone, and schedules an appointment to come in with an 800k rollover that next Monday! Gotta love how the golfing gods somehow have conversations with the net new gods. No matter the activity, do your job and leave your heart at home. It’s just business :).

Apr 2, 2012 4:32 pm


Great story, just goes to show, activities bring results...keep it up, well done. Here, got 40 + contacts done today, well worth it and going home happy with a good day under the belt.....back at it in the morning.

All The Way

Apr 2, 2012 9:02 pm

ACAT signed, goals mapped out and had time to hit 300 calls.  Gotta love those lay-downs.  

Bring tommorrow ATW!  

Apr 4, 2012 10:18 pm

Aaarrrggg...what a week......really want a break.

Had a superb day on the phone, got some meetings from the pipeline....going back from cold calls done in November..... The November Nostalgia what...still good stuff.

I can't express how much i'm aching to get this done....really chomping at the hold barrels......hammering away.....will post more often as final stetch in closing in.....going to 10m......missing just over 7m...and 3 months to go.......puta madre.......ya guey....this is it!!!

You gotta love this job...just found mentor does 1M +.....after splitting with the firm.........keeps me fired up...he did it all ... by cold call......1M+ to him and his family....annuitized.....says to keep at it....I keep at it.

All The Way

Apr 5, 2012 9:03 am

All The Way,

Do you try to close on the phone or just get the meeting? I haven't had any luck closing anything on the phone and sometimes if I try to close on the phone it kind of kills my ability to get the meeting.

I'm avg 150 - 200 calls a day and 2-3 meetings each day. Kind of sucks when people don't show up.

Apr 5, 2012 1:00 pm


Those are great numbers, that's 8-10 meetings booked a week, sounds like you got it figured out....the rest will come. I don't sell on the phone, only book meetings. I have very few no-shows and hope to have the consistency you have in booking meetings, well done...keep at it.

All The Way

Apr 7, 2012 1:07 am


The need to expand the pliability of your sales techniques is about one hundred times greater in this industry than others.  I understand the delima; product or appointment....  The true answer is:  whatever the hell you can get!  I used the word 'plyable' because that's just what you need.  Agility!  I always go for the phone close but I do it with the upmost ponderance of suttleness and tact.  I use trigger words to feel the client out, if he starts pulling back I keep him still and advert to his family and things he enjoys.  When I've got him where I want him, I go in for the close again.  The name of the job is Gross.  Whether its a 600 FI ticket today or 10k in a managed account that took 6 months to close, search for it like your life depends on it.  Not the smartest guy in this biz but I'd say it kind of does.   We're not selling to aliens.  Clients, both ideal and the opposite, are just human consumers.  The true concern you have is not whether one or the other will yield greater results.  Subconsciously you're really pondering which one has the greatest potential to dampen the fear you have with prospecting and rejection.  

Agility is the key my fellow colleague!

Think of a heavy weight boxer.  The boxer would love to load up on his back foot and give everything he has in one punch.  A reall Ali KO hook.  However, most professionals know that if they miss, an entire side of their body will be exposed and vulnerable.  A real death wish at its finest.  Instead, Ali used to walk his opponents down round after round until he found the opportunity.....  Then he would knock the hell out of them with his strongest effort.  Ha, he'd hit them so hard he'd have to say his first and last name after.

Thats what it takes Ulairi.  An acute sense of awareness, tactical positioning and then....  A strong close.  When you can accomplish that you can call yourself a pro.  Until then you'll be spending your wheels woundering if you should hit your opponent hard or softly.  Ha!  In reflection, it sounds stupid as all hell!  You're in a fight and you're wondering how you should hit someone that's trying to conquer your soul.   Haha.  Just freaking hit e'm!

Apr 9, 2012 8:01 am

Thanks for the advice. This is the first sales job I've ever had so a lot of these things are very new to me and my CPA background really doesn't help me or matter (at least right now) when I'm trying to get to 10 million assets in my first year of production.

Apr 9, 2012 3:35 pm


You've got a great attitude.....go for the 10.0M in the first year....stick to your activities and keep us posted on progress.....I love it.....go big!!!

i'v got a good pipeline and meetings on the go, going to get my 10M rapped up before end June....been plugging away and just keep doing what's got to be done.......

All The Way

Apr 9, 2012 4:44 pm

Great job. Keep it up. It is possible to succeed by working hard and working smart.

Apr 10, 2012 11:30 am

The hardest part for me has been getting the pipeline up and running. I'm young and I don't have years of professional experience so I'm having to build the pipeline from scratch. Also, at my firm we have to open $250,000+ accounts to get paid. I'm going to try to start calling on individual muni bonds and see if that helps get more action.  I'm at 1.25 MM right now and I start LOS 1 next month.

Apr 11, 2012 2:26 pm


The hardest part for me has been getting the pipeline up and running. I'm young and I don't have years of professional experience so I'm having to build the pipeline from scratch. Also, at my firm we have to open $250,000+ accounts to get paid. I'm going to try to start calling on individual muni bonds and see if that helps get more action.  I'm at 1.25 MM right now and I start LOS 1 next month.


The hardest part is starting. Not only is the pipeline empty you have to figure out how to fill it, and what to fill it with. Once you've figured out the what and the how it will take three or four months to fill the pipeline to the point that it reliably produces accounts. Which neatly explains why, once you've got it filled , you don't stop prospecting. Who wants to push that rock uphill again?

As for your minimum acct size, no problem. Just make sure your target prospects have the dough to make that work. If you target those folks with the ability to invest at that level or higher you will have no problem getting to your goal.