Financial Advisor Marketing: Dinner With Clients Generate Huge Referrals

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Jun 22, 2011 4:09 pm

I’ve got a great financial advisor marketing
idea for you! I say it’s a great idea because you can find out so much
information by simply talking to your clients.   I want to talk about
dinner with your best  clients.

What if you were to take 7- 10 of your best – I mean your absolute best  clients – out to dinner?

During the course of the dinner, you might talk about your
practice/business, your services, your products or whatever it is that
you do or sell. After dinner, right as dessert is being served, you take
the opportunity to stand up, and maybe in front of a white dry erase
board or an easel with paper on it, you ask some very leading and
provocative questions.

You’ll ask questions such as, “Are our hours of operation convenient
for all of you?  Then, you go around the table and everyone has a chance
to say yes or no and why. Is my staff friendly, courteous and attentive
to your needs?  Then you get feedback from your dinner guests about
that. What would you like to see different?  What would you like to add
to our business/practice in terms of services or products?  And so on. 
Basically, you’ll ask your clients about what you always wanted to know
but could never ask. That may be different for everyone, but I bet there
are similarities in the types of questions you would ask.

So what I would ask you to do is to sit down with your staff and
think about the types of things you’d really like to know. Then, throw a
dinner party quarterly, or twice a year, and ask some very special, VIP
clients for their honest opinions concerning the questions you really
want answers to.

I can’t begin to tell you how much information you’ll receive from
these people, and how it will help you and your practice, office or
business to flourish.