Does ANY attorney care about the wronged FA?

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Apr 19, 2009 6:55 pm

I recieved a negative mark on my U5 and CRD. The comment IS commpletely false.  I stand amazed that the employer was able to publish the comment without proof that the comment was truthful and substantiated. How and why is this possible??????????

Whatever, I am now trying to determine the best course of action to clear my U5/CRD since the false comment is preventing future employment.  The false comment is the same as being barred.  Having anything negative on a U5/CRD is TOAST in this environment. Too bad no one went after Bernie Madoff with this vengence!!  I am just a little spec in the sand in comparison!!
Believe me this is petty stuff, such as an unitialed cover letter that says, "please sign the enclosed document"...  Look I understand the importance... The circumstances worked against me... multiple branches.... many bosses.. etc. etc.  A document sent for appoval that was not sent back due to a change in bosses.  
I had an AH boss!  WHY do I have to pay thousands to clear my Name?  WHAT's UP with this?  Anyone know a HUNGRY attorney that would be willing to help me win this riduculous case?  One that would win thousands in a contingency case.   What type of an attorney would qualifiy?  Would this be a securities attorney or an employment (labor law) attorney?  What attorney would care to help me... a person who has been literally assasinated for something that is so not anything!   Believe me if I could find an attorney that CARES about the FA, I WOULD pay him!   I believe attorneys are on the side of the investor and that FAs and RRs are labeled as low life.  Does ANY attorney care about the wronged FA?
I need to know what type of attorney I need to pay thousands of dollars to to clear my CRD and U5 of this horrible deed.  Is this a Securities Attorney?  An Employment Law attorney?  Or can this be done Pro SE?  Believe me this is ALL it is..................... PRETTY RIDCULOUS!!!!
Please Help,
Apr 19, 2009 7:34 pm