AC/DC and the Rolling Stones?

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May 6, 2009 10:07 am


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#333333; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">An irreverent Wall Street Blog#333333; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">
by Bill Singer

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#333333; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">By Bill Singer

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#333333; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">We've climbed back from that dark hole in March and while things aren't necessarily better, they sure as hell aren't getting exponentially worse.  Been some time since we had those thousand-point intra-day swings that raised us, drained us, and left us exhausted. You can only sit on a roller coaster for so long before the thrill wears thin and you need to lean over and puke.  That was one hell of a ride.  Enough, though.  Happy to be amidst some two and three figure daily ups and downs.  Perhaps we all can ride on the merry-go-round for the summer?  (READ MORE)

What does AC/DC and the Rolling Stones have to do with Bill’s May 6th Blog?  Well, this is called a teaser. Yeah, it’s a fairly transparent attempt to get you to click on this link to find out: