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Jan 22, 2017 6:36 pm

Gold Mining Tech incorporation is a start-up company specializing in mining gold deposits. GMT was established in February 2016 for gold exploration and mining in Guinea deposits.

GMT announces a unique investment program that guarantees investors a 100% profit (you can read all the details at

GMT has all the necessary permits to conduct exploration and extraction work on two land areas in Guinea with area of 13 square km. and 101 square km respectively.

The total gold content within these concessions, according to the geological report, is no less than 11.5 tons, which is equivalent to approximately $355 million.

The company enters the investment market to finance the organization of mining activities. It will purchase the necessary equipment, maintenance of the work camp,

provide logistics and other accompanying costs.

Company guarantees the 100% return on investment through the buyout of the digital shares.

According to Singapore laws, a company is liable to an investor to the full extent of its assets, and in case of any barriers and obstacles for the project implementation, an

investor has the right to compensation for his money invested, pursuant to % of his share holding, after the Company’s assets are evaluated and sold.

The process of gold transportation from the camp to the bank in the capital of the country, will be insured by the state in full. Every investor will receive information about the work in the area and the Project cash flow reports.

You can find the detailed description of the project, the business-plan and all the documents at our official website:

Jan 23, 2017 7:25 am


I am a financial agent to Russia Investor, my client is will to invest about $100 millions in a profitable ventures such as Hotel or production Industry as Loan with very reasonable interest . If you have a good project please contact me via same Email. ( Please if you know your project is not variable please do not contact me)

Your urgent respond will be appreciated.

Stanley Rosenzweig

[email protected]