Looking for help with a cold calling script

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Jun 2, 2011 10:14 pm

I recently started with a company that offers all financial
products from life insurance and annuities to IRAs, mutual funds, other investments,
etc. I do not have my securities license yet, so can only personally write life
insurance products and fixed annuities at the moment. I can bring my manager
along for people interested in other options (I have had him set up a Roth IRA
for a client, for example) and their accounts will be transferred to my control
once I am licensed, but I do not receive the initial credit/commission. For
this reason I have to focus mostly on life insurance/fixed annuities for the
time being, although I am much more interested in working with the investment
side of things once I’m licensed (I have a finance degree).

Anyway, I just got a list of life insurance and annuity leads
to cold call (residences, not businesses), and am looking for some feedback on
my script. My goal is just to set an appointment to do an evaluation and
possibly attempt a sale (at the appointment, not on the phone). It’s a work in
progress, so be gentle.

“Hello is this _____? 

Hi _____, my name is _____, I’m a financial representative
with _____ here in _____.

I’m just calling to let you know about a free service I
offer that can help you make sure your family is protected as well as evaluate
how you’re doing in addressing your retirement goals and any other financial concerns
you may have. It only takes about 30 minutes, I come to you, and there are no
costs or obligations, so there’s truly no downside (or instead of saying there’s
no downside, could say “sounds like a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you agree?”
For whatever reason I’m somewhat hesitant to ask leading questions like that,
but I know it’s probably something I should incorporate)

I’m scheduling my activities for next week and would like to
set up a time for us to get together so you can decide if the type of work I do
would be beneficial in your situation.

Are days or evenings better for you?

Would _(day)_ at _(time)_, or _____ at _____
be better? ”

I have some variations and am still unsure which I like
best, but that is a general idea of what I used today. Obviously it differs
from call to call as well. I’m fairly comfortable on the phone and don’t think
I sound awkward or scripted while talking.

Since my goal is to issue life insurance, should I focus
more on that in the script? I feel like people tend to have a general aversion
toward insurance and insurance salesmen (I could be wrong, I don’t know), which
is why I used the word “protection” instead, but on the other hand I wonder if
I’d be better off tapping into their emotions and talking about making sure
they have the proper amount of protection for their family. I fear I may be
losing possible business by giving the impression that I only work with the
investment side of things - I’ve only been using this script for a couple of
days so don’t have much to go by, but the objections I’ve heard so far have all
been due to the prospect “already having somebody who takes care of all that
for them.” I made a note to start asking about their life insurance in response,
so we’ll see how that goes.

Well I think I’ve rambled enough for the time being, so I’ll
leave it at that. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Jun 3, 2011 9:27 pm

Morocco, that's a little too wordy with too much steak and not enough sizzle. Call them up and say " This is Morocco with_____________ here in _____________. The reason I called is that many of our life insurance carriers are having price wars right now and there's a very good chance we can get you alot more coverage for what you are paying now, or you could save significantly with what you are now paying, how does that sound?" Now you can ask what he's insuring for, current face, current premium, health, investments, etc without leaving the office.

Good luck!