Comparison of PSA Oxygen Generators

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Jun 11, 2017 10:59 pm

O2 is often required to use as fuel gas in many industrial processes. And in the past manufacturers have used Oxygen Generators tanks or liquid oxygen or LOX, if they require a large amount of volumestorage. Oxygen generator technology has greatly improved over the past ten years and now making oxygen generators a viable alternative to liquid oxygen storage systems.

Compared with the use of LOX storage, oxygen generator has a huge advantage, all of which the biggest advantage is safety unlike the liquid oxygen. Oxygen concentrator produces gaseous oxygen under a safety pressure. Liquefied O2 is extremely volatile and therefore requires extra extreme precautions and legal requirements for oxygen in the gaseous state.

The dependency on a 3rd party delivering your LOX is obsolete when using your own oxygen generator, you also know the exactly price you are going to be paying for your oxygen and not left battling with your supplier in order to keep their prices down.The basic cost of running and oxygen generator is the power usage cost, the small maintenance cost and the cost associated with the air compressor all in your control.

Unlike liquid O2, oxygen experiences loss when a certain amount of oxygen is lost in evaporation, and oxygen generator does not suffer from evaporation. Oxygen concentrator produces oxygen, when it is required and just store sufficient enough for you to process in the storage tank as gas oxygen.

LOX tank leakage from 1 to 4% tank volume is normal, in case of pressure build-up. This is not a factor in the PSA oxygen generator, all of whose produced oxygen can be used without leakage.

For most companies, the oxygen generator has a major advantage over LOX storage, providing an economical, reliable and safe way to produce your own O2. PSA Oxygen Generators -