Want to buy a csgo skin?

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Oct 19, 2016 4:03 am

Want to buy a csgo skin? Check out our inventory aand see what we got in store! Our stock updates everyday, and sometimes our steam profile changes, so just bookmark this page to check out our new stock. We currently have a new counter strike global offensive website pending to display all of our new skins, but for now, it’s still within an arms- length by simply checking out our inventory and cs go trading through our live chat. Once you find the skins you want, just go to live chat on the bottom right of the screen, and ask the live chat agent for some help pricing the item! We accept Paypal, Skrill, United States Bank transfer, Interac e-transfer, Bitcoin, iDeal, Paypal mycash, Western Union, Prepaid Cards, Mastercard, Visa, Pre-paid visa (vanilla) and pretty much any other credit card, as payment! This ensures an easy and safe transaction between the cs skin buyer and the csgo seller!click CSGO Skins .