SEC Settlements Net More Individuals, Higher Fines

SEC Settlements Net More Individuals, Higher Fines

Individuals—as opposed to corporations—are catching more heat from the SEC lately, according to recent research from NERA Economic Consulting, which released a report on Wednesday. They’re also paying more for their sins.

If it continues at its current pace, the SEC should come to 572 settlements with individuals in fiscal 2012, up 20 percent versus the prior year, the NERA research showed. Median settlement values with individuals continued a three-year climb to $190,000 in the first half of 2012.

SEC settlements are up in general, but that’s primarily because of the rise in individual settlements, the report showed. The SEC has settled a total of 379 cases in 2012 so far; if settlements continue at this pace, that would jack up total settlements for the year to 758, a 13 percent increase versus 2011.

The study says insider trading cases are responsible for the jump in individual settlements.

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